Eternal Deed

Ear to ear; It is complete;

His ticket punched, to what?

Upon my unholy seat,

Eternally through cut.

Nine before, now even ten;

Upon His life I claim,

Payment for to render them;

So now He shall remain.



First life to take, was accused;

My boy laid lucky still,

A culprit of youths abused

Innocence led to kill.

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Under the weight of
Relentless waves crash

Gasping for air
A break in the

The grasp of dire
Forces that cripple


I rise each day with
My chin to the sky

For all those people
Whose smiles have glow

Blood pumping through me
Warmth of one constant

When the Sun Sleeps

When the Sun sleeps
And the star are aglow
Or the lights turn down
At the movie show.

When you lay your head down
At that time of night
And you leave the door cracked
Or turn on your night-light.

Sometimes by surprise
The lights can go out
You might not know why
Don’t cry and don’t shout.

Remember inside you
Your heart is your light
Through darkness so black
It always shines bright.

So next time you’re scared
And the black steals your view
Close your eyes and be brave
The light is within you.

About that monster under your bed…

When you fear,

That monster under your bed

It becomes a source,

Of constant dread.


From door to bed,

Becomes a race.

One eye open,

To every dark space.


You lay awake,

And ponder his looks.

How he creeps,

Between crannies and crooks.


Horns and teeth,

Claws and slime.

A narrow escape

From his grasp each time.


Slowly into your dreams

It creeps

Always aware,

Beneath you it sleeps.


That monster you dread,

But have never seen,

Has a fear too,

A worry so keen.


As you lay in fear,

No clue what to do,

That’s also his secret,

He fears you too.